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Discover why wine collectors use CellarEye

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Our solution


  • No more spreadsheets, clipboards, or barcodes

    CellarEye harnesses advanced computer vision technology to record your cellar activity so you don't have to.

  • Minimize inventory inaccuracies

    CellarEye allows cellar owners to do what they do best, drink great wines, without worrying about recording their actions in the cellar.

  • Fewer third party cellar manager visits

    Having CellarEye's intelligent cameras watch your wines means less frequent third party inventory audits.

  • Regain peace of mind with complete cellar control

    With CellarEye always watching your cellar, you can rest assured that you know everything that is happening no matter where you are in the world.

  • Tour your cellar and collection directly from your phone

    With the live cameras, cellar valuations, and customizable reports, CellarEye's iPhone app allows you to take anyone on a tour of your pride and joy from anywhere.

CellarEye serves the most serious wine collectors by empowering them to reclaim their most valuable asset, time.

Using advanced technology and sophisticated intelligence, CellarEye offers complete cellar control with the least amount of owner input ever required.


Our technology

How it works

Wine Cellar Camera

CellarEye’s camera

Aesthetically impecable and minimalist, integrated into cellar design.

Smart Wine Inventory Monitor AI

Artificial intelligence

CellarEye proprietary technology for tracking inventory, customized recommendation.

Expert Wine Cellar Monitoring Installation

Expert installation

Certified CellarEye installers. Initial inventory registration and/or migration from existing records.

Wine Cellar Monitoring Application


Intuitive and user experience oriented app design, supported on phone and tablet.


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